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Monoplex Bollard

In busy working environments, bollards are constantly active in protecting vital infrastructure and investments, such as machinery. A problem with using traditional bollards is that constant bumps and scrapes often lead to costly repairs and often disruption in operations during maintenance work.

Introducing the Monoplex 190 Heavy-Duty Bollard ‚Äď engineered with a cutting-edge design and durable materials. Offering unrivalled protection against everyday impacts, this heavy-duty bollard ensures repeat performance without causing damage to itself, the flooring, or the vehicles involved. The Monoplex 190 Heavy Duty Bollard‚Äôs advanced, durable material withstands both small and large impacts, ensuring high-quality protection for your investments like buildings, machinery, and vehicles. Reducing costly downtime and repairs and keeping your facilities looking great, and your operation running smoothly.

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