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eFlex Single RackEnd+Kerb

The¬†eFlex‚ĄĘ Single¬†RackEnd¬†Barrier+Kerb¬†protects the ends¬†of racking aisles,¬†where turning vehicles and equipment can impact vulnerable racking structures.¬†The integrated¬†ForkGuard‚ĄĘ¬†provides extra protection¬†against fork impacts at ground level.

The¬†eFlex‚ĄĘ Single¬†RackEnd¬†Barrier+Kerb¬†will absorb and deflect impacts, preventing damage to racking systems. It¬†is ideal for facilities with low¬†ground clearance vehicles in operation.

It also features circular end posts for enhanced protection at barrier ends, where impacts are more likely. Spinning collars on the barrier posts further deflect impact forces.

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